At the turning point of constant movement and sharding
/ Backstage Anxiety

8'08'' | HD video, installation | 2016

Two unrelated actions, one is to randomly select a location near the gallery (the bakery downstairs) and enter. Several members choose their favorite bread and record the process of cutting the bread together and exchanging food with each other by video recording. The other is a daily diary record of the materials, garbage and final exhibition status of the works during the exhibition period, and forms a constantly updated “Picture in Painting”. Ultimately, these two actions intersect and appear together in a wooden grille plane, and the visual form of “ Picture in Painting” which also recurs repeatedly in the two actions will be the only evidence of their intersection and correlation. Recurrent work, cutting and zoning, recycling and cleaning of work waste, and successive entry and the intersection of selected “materials” until the appearance of the final clean and perfect closeup lens make all these newly established relationships seem no longer accidental.

© Bao Dachen