HW Factory Project: Jungle
8’18’’ | HD video installation | 2016

The work consists of two screens, one of which is the grass of the factory workshop’s external environment photographed by static lens, which is constantly deformed and stretched after the adjustment of projection equipment in the later stage; the other is three small videos alternately playing, during which workers are recorded rolling along the factory path with their own long iron rings and factory leaders are painting in the dark workshop, and factory watchdogs move at night. Static grass scenes serve as the base, while the rest of the shots play a game of “control” under this background layer.

HW Factory Project: The Movement_20160525
3’17’’ | HD video installation | 2016

In an iron products factory in an urban-rural area of Chongqing, the long-standing mechanical, rigid, assembly-line mechanism of the factory is interrupted by the 'revolutionary' gesture of a labourer standing on a workbench after an unexpected maintenance accident. This vignette is inadvertently captured on camera and prolonged and looped, juxtaposed by a basketball with all labourers’ signatures of the year they joined the factory, which together form the scene of a daily 'movement'.


© Bao Dachen