From the Slope World to Babak Observatory
24'32'' | HD, sound | 2019

The video was produced in a one-month residency program in Tehran, Iran. During this period, the artist attempts to approach this unfamiliar land through the various possible channels he touches. The clues such as internet materials, visual archives, and individual experiences were mixed, and together construct a real space between reality and speculative fiction. The film interweaves and juxtaposes scenes of Iranian realities with the daily trajectory of a motorcyclist driving along the southern plains to the northern hills (the southern and northern parts of the city belong to the rich and poor neighborhoods of Tehran) looking down at the city. The lens is constantly switching between scenes and narratives that jump from existing natural or artificial landscapes to encounters with images in different times and spaces. While at the same time, the artist reorganizes and inquires about the relationship between the self-subject and place in a series of explorations and research.

© Bao Dachen