Song of the Vortex
multi-channel video installation | publication | 2017

"The Artillery School" is a research-based art project. It takes the former site of a nearly abandoned artillery school aided by the Soviet Union in Huxi Town, Chongqing as the starting point of practical research. Song of the Vortex is the theme of the project's first phased presentation and a solo exhibition in 2017. It consists of a series of interviews, interpretative and performance video recordings, live texts, and spatial installations. The main observation objects focus on collectivist relics in daily space and the common life scene of indigenous people. Through a variety of participation and intervention methods, it directly presents or repeats this survival state that overlaps the history of multiple periods and the attributes of different groups. In the activity track and common memory of man as the subject. It also refers to the spatial changes of the artillery school in the process of urbanization in the history of the modern geopolitical war in China and Chongqing as the rear area until the reform and opening up.

© Bao Dachen